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    Hi All

    Yup, we're running some fantastic specials on all our Marine Livestock from today untill close of business on Friday.

    Get 10% off all Marine Fish!!! For example, A powder Blue was R395.00-now only R355.50. We also have Spot Cheek, lipstick & Yellow Tangs (our Yellow Tangs were previously discounted from R625.00 to R549.00 so no further discount can be given there). We have Royal Blue & Pearl Scale Angels, Royal & Golden Dottybacks, Bi-Colour Blennies, Domino Damsels, Cleaner, Fairy, Moon & Banana Wrasses amoungst others.

    We are also giving 10% off on all Shrimps (Fire, Cleaner, Dancing & Peppermint) and all Anemonies (Purple Long Tentacle-was R350.00-now R315.00), along with Various Bubble-tips.

    All the Corals are less 20%. As and example, A Green Worm Brain (large) was R345.00 now only R276.00!!!.

    This offer can't unfortunately be extended to our Live Rock which remains priced at R195.00 / kg.

    Come on in and enjoy some fantastic low prices over the up coming Public Holiday.

    See you all soon.


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