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    WavePoint is rolling out the Micro Sun LED lamp in two different sizes and three color combinations at a price that won’t break the bank. The clip-on lamp is ideal for nano aquariums and will be available in a 6 in. and 12 in. version that can be used on both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Using surface mounted 0.25 W LED lamps, the Wavepoint Micro Sun LED lamps will be available in Daylight, Super Blue and a a combination of Super Blue & Daylight LED colors.

    Powered with a low voltage transformer, the hood itself is a flat black aluminum adding to the passive cooling for the low-wattage LEDs. Each lamp is mounted with an adjustable, durable plastic and can fit on tanks with a maximum thickness of 1/2 in. The 6 in. model features 12 LEDs for a total consumption of 3W and the 12 in. model has 24 LEDs and is rated at 6W.

    The combo 12 in. versions appears to have a 2:1 white to blue ratio that should give you a nice, crisp blueish white color for a 15,000K color appearance best suited for a reef or marine aquarium. The daylight version will give you a basic daylight look more suitable for a freshwater tank or refugium. For those of you looking for a very blue appearance or to add supplemental lighting, the all blue version might be a great choice.

    Not looking to break the bank, WavePoint priced the Micro Sun LED to retail around $40 for the 6 in. and the 12 in. will cost $60. Both units should be available at the end of the month, so expect these to start shipping in the next week.
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