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    Micro-reefs, *previously known for their acrylic pico reefs is now venturing into LED fixtures. These LEDs are specifically designed to fit on Micro-reefs pico systems, but*obviously*fit with*similar*aquariums as well. The total wattage of the LED fixture comes in at 63 watts with 21 3 watt Epistar LEDs. The fixtures come in three different color*spectrum, presumably equal to 10k, 14k and 20k flavors.

    Each fixture uses 3 watt 12K white LEDs, 3 watt 450-460nm blue LEDs, and 3 watt 620-630nm red LEDs. The Micro-reefs LED fixtures are controllable with an included remote and can be dimmed in 10% increments. The remotes use wireless so are not blocked by canopies, or walls. The fixture can be put on top of your tank with steel pegs, or can be hung in the canopy or from the ceiling. The fixtures will retail at $299, and can be ordered through the Micro-Reef website. The fixtures can also be ordered in a complete nano kit, with pricing varying depending on you configuration.



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