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    Micom’s continuous liquid feeder looks like any other ordinary dosing pump, it appears identical to the original Micom liquid feeder, but it has one special trick up its peristaltic sleeve – it runs continuously. Whereas other dosing pumps have a preset RPM to the motor which is actuated at certain intervals, the Micom continuous liquid feeder is always on and has an adjustable RPM to vary the dosing rate.*

    The constant dosing feature of the Micom continuous liquid feeder can add up to the same volume as any other periodically dosing pump, and at the end of the day it adds up the same total rotations to the peristaltic head. The big difference of continuous dosing now is that you can use this kind of always-on dosing pump to feed a calcium reactor, to dose kalkwasser, to add buffer and calcium at a constant rate and better yet, the Micom continuous liquid feeder can keep a constant supply of planktonic foods to your aquarium – an azoox coral keeper’s dream.

    LIke other stand-alone dosing pumps, the Micom continous liquid feeder is adjustable and has an external input for turning the motor on and off with a separate controller. The continuous liquid doser is expected to retail for just 89€ or $99 in the US although Micom is working on a stand-up version of their dosing pump which has a touchscreen interface and which will be able to alternate between periodic and continuous dosing. [C-Blue]



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    Who sells these peristaltic pumps in south Africa need one to feed my calcium reactor

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