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    MicMol is a new company coming out of left field with an incredibly promising new LED design with their Aqua Mini and Aqua Pro LED aquarium fixtures. Milled from a solid block of aluminum, the CNC-routed MicMol lights are their own heatsink and include a feature set that would make any LED light proud.

    The first eye grabbing feature of the MicMol LED lights is their stylish design which seem to borrow pages from Apple’s industrial design playbook – the Aqua Mini essentially looks like an Apple Mini computer with the mounting arm resembling the stand for an Apple iMac. Built-in controls allows users of the MicMol LED lights to be programmed at the light, with timer, sunset, sunrise and storm features available, and what we gather is at least two channels of color control.

    The other surprising feature of the Aqua Mini and Pro is the use of large clear lenses to diffuse the LED light. Today’s electronics, LED and components could easily have allowed for the MicMol LED lights to result in a thinner light fixture but the use of these jumbo lenses no doubt contributed to a thicker, and hopefully better diffused light, from this LED fixture.

    A single Aqua Mini can be used on a nano reef tank or a pair of them can be hung and joined in suspension as we’ve seen with other LED fixtures. There’s an Aqua Mini with white, warm white, blue and royal blue LEDs, all from Cree, and an Aqua Mini Color with a taste of the rainbow that also uses a green and a red LED.

    With so many companies badging, rebadging and re-re-re-labeling the cheap and unoriginal LED fixtures coming from China, it is quite refreshing to see some innovations in aquarium LED lights that we wouldn’t expect. The Aqua Mini LED has 9 nine reflected LEDs of unspecified color or make, but probably driven to between 20 and 30 watts total with a retail price of $259. [MicMol]


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