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Kelvin ?

This article presents some data on the underwater light field on a reef and compares it to the artificial light field over our reef aquaria, along with discussion of other features of natural lighting that are often not simulated in our aquariums.

Need some help. :2confused:

This article indicates that a colour tempeture of K6500 is the "most natural" to use. This corresponds with "old" books I have been reading.

However, most of the tanks I have seen, and most of the new literature and web articles favours between K10 000 and K20 000?

Would be nice to get and idea of what Kelvin are using on the forum and why as well?

They are correct in saying that it's the most natural. But there are two things to consider. 6,500K looks crap (or rather pee). And also, blue is the last colour (speaking under correction) to be reflected as one moves deeper under water. The deeper one goes, the blueer the water seems. Depending on how deep the reef is, the light from a 20,000K or 14,000K might be closer to the light that eventually reach the corals in a natural reef.

But I'm keen to hear what the experts say.
you spot on galibore, why is there not guru by you name?
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