RSS Metis LED from PacificSun, a sneak peek at their new flagship light

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    PacificSun has a new LED light called the Metis and this one is aiming to be a real knockout LED fixture. In greek mythology, Metis is the god of Wisdom and Skill, which is a fitting name for Pacific Sun’s fourth major LED light platform after the Python, Phobos/Deimos lights and Io LED lights. Building on what Pacific Sun has learned about making an LED reef light, the Metis will include four colors of LEDs, including XPG and XPE LEDs from Cree, and the same controllability that Pacific Sun has included in previous top-end LED lights. The iPod-white finish on the Metis is very easy on the eyes and we’ll soon do a follow-up post with the whole run down on PacificSun’s latest LED reef light.
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