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    The Metis LED is PacificSun’s newest solution for high performance LED reef aquarium lighting. Since PacificSun has been designing and manufacturing original LED lights for the aquarium hobby just about longer than anyone, their Metis is probably the first 4th generation LED light in the aquarium industry, and with this succession comes a wealth of the best LED lighting features that reef keepers are looking for.

    Our favorite detail about the Pacific Sun Metis LED light is it’s incorporation of four types of LEDs running at a couple different power levels. This Metis LED fixture will have an even ratio of four different led types on board: Neutral white and cool white Cree XPG LEDs running at 5 watts and blue and royal blue Cree XPE running at 3 watts each.

    As great as humans are at designing and engineering delicate electronic products, machines simply assemble them better and all all electronic parts of the Metis LED are assembled by the machines – not by humans like with previous PacificSun LED lights. This means that all electronic parts are mounted with very high precision – and PacificSun LED will be able to extend the duration of their product warranty of the Metis LED, although we do not know exactly what that will be.

    The outer cover (housing) of the Metis LED is made from stainless steel which is available in two choices of finishes- pearl cosmic white and space anthracite which is probably similar to a dark coal color. Of course the PacificSun LEDD has the same external controlability of each LED channel via PacificSun controllers and the GHL ProfiLux so you can get your lightning effects, dawn to dusk simulations, lunar cycle and maybe even a little cloud cover action.

    Metis LED lights are avalaible in three diffrent* sizes:
    - 2x100W – 33.5″/850mm – suitable for aquariums up to four feet/120cm
    - 3x100W – 49″/1250mm – suitable for aquariums up to five feet/160cm
    - 4x100W – 65″/16500mm – suitable for aquariums up to 6 feet/ 200-210cm

    The official release date of the Metis LED is February 1, 2011, but these are available to pre-order at a special introductory prices found below.
    Metis CRP 2x100W – $1293 / 936,00 euro
    Metis CRP 3x100W – $1879 / 1360,00 euro
    Metis CRP 4x100W – $2551 / 1846,00 euro
    European customers can find a dealer through the PacificSun LED website and North Americans can get their Metis LED fix from Aqua-Digital.


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