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    In a short updated published by Rising Tide Conservation last night, Kevin Barden laid claim to the first captive-breeding of the Melanurus Wrasse, Halicheores melanurus. This now brings the total of tropical wrasses bred in captivity to two (the first being the Cleaner Wrasse, Labroides dimidiatus, reared by Bali Aquarich virtually accidentally)

    The most noteworthy details is that this success was claimed to have occurred in a hobbyist-type setting with what are now readily available tools.  First foods were Parvocalanus crassirostris nauplii, and by 14 days the larvae were introduced to Otohime larval feeds. Settlement is said to have occurred at only 22 days post hatch, which is remarkably short for a pelagic-spawning reef fish; similar species include some of the Mandarin Dragonets (Synchiropus picturatus, S. splendidus) and some of large angelfish with the shortest larval durations, such as the Semicircle Angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus).

    [​IMG]First feeding (~3 days post hatch) Halichoeres
    melanurus larva on a 1 mm Sedgewick Rafter cell.

    Be sure to read the full update from Rising Tide Conservation for detailed rearing information and a video of a post-flexion larval Melanurus Wrasse.

    Images courtesy Rising Tide Conservation
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