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    d0198511_21474034.jpg Sleek, elegant and beautiful, Meiacanthus kamoharai is one sexy fang blenny. This sub-adult specimen will develop a gorgeous broom tail as it grows. Photographed by Shunzo.

    Meiacanthus kamoharai is THE neatest fang blenny of all time. We’ve posted a personal ad from M. kamoharai before and it’s clear that there’s hardly any other in this genus that could rival the elegance and sheer beauty of this species. The combination of the sleek black body and bluish-white body markings coupled with that giant broom like tail is nothing short of amazing. Continue reading for more titillating pictures and videos of this cool looking Meiacanthus.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Not only is M. kamoharai drop dead gorgeous, it is also not rare at all and locally abundant. The only downside is that it is found in Japan. M. kamoharai can also be found in shallow water, making collection very easy for this species. Dr. Hiroyuki Tanaka photographed a 6cm long specimen found near the surface of a harbor in Miyazaki, Japan. The short video above showcasing a few specimens tending to their eggs is very cool. Meiacanthus have been bred successfully in captivity before so someone needs to breed the living daylights out of these kamohara fang blennies.

    kamohara.png A full grown M. kamoharai on the left showing the beautiful broom like tail. On the right, a large group of M. kamoharai. Pictures by GGJ and Divezest respectively.

    And just because we can’t get enough, below are a few more videos for your viewing pleasure. I’m sorry imma let you finish but Meiacanthus kamoharai is the best fang blenny of all time! Of all time!

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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