Mechanical Filtration

7 May 2007
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The primary function of mechanical filtration is to remove large particulate matter from the water before it begins to decompose.Filter sponges, polyester floss, and micron filters are some of the more common forms of mechanical filtration media.

While mechanical filtration can be used on a reef aquarium, it may become a detriment if not used properly.If the mechanical filter media is not cleaned often, the particulate matter trapped by the filter will decompose and pollute the aquarium water.

There are times, however, when a mechanical filter can be used to quickly remove large particulate matter from the water.Removing unsettled sand from a new aquarium or when a large amount of particulate matter is introduced (e.g. disturbing a sand bed or live rock), are events when mechanical filters can be beneficial.
Because our system is far from perfect, I use a small cartrige with floss in to help keep the display tank clean. The filter takes its water from the bottom of the tank and its outputs are used for water movement .The floss gets washed out with fresh water and dried well every three days. The floss is very dark and has a earthy / plant like smell. The cleaner shrimps love the fliter because its their food bank.
I have an aquaclear powerhead with a 'cartridge' type of attachment on it. I use some foam type batting material which I clean every night. It is amazing to see how much shit it collects in one day. I think mechanical filtration is important as long as it is maintained properly it will not become a nitrate trap.
do i throw in there a whole rolle of dental floss or do i just as pices at the time LOL just joking i want to add a wet dry trickle filter to my system it is a nice large one any input on that ?
the problem with trickle filters or any bio filters as such is they are nitrate factories, live rock and DSB is all we need for bio filtration.
Trickle filters are Old school (almost as old as Viper)

I clip filter floss on my sump pane after my skimmer and replace at least once a week

it works for me
i was thinking of puting in some nice coarse spunge in the trickle filter and maybe a little bone charcoal or msybe fill the trickle filter with bone charcoal and replace it with a fresh batch every second week i can feel a plan coming up oh if i place spumge then i would give it a good clean once a day the nice thing about the trickle filter that i have here is that is has a very long pype and you can extend it to the bottom or maybe make it shorter how ever you like i think viper might come from the time when people used undergravel filters as bio filters the good old days i remember them well i killed all the fish in my first set up back in the days of nam when the grass was green and the trees where still flowering because i toped my tank up with sea water when it evaporated and then the fish did not look so good and i said to mysef self we need a plan so i ran into the kitchen and grabed a 2 kg of salt and threw it in the tank well we all know the outcome from doing that oh and i like the idea of the trickle filter just flowing into the tank just love it i would put it in with nothing in it just for that
Hi please check that the "bone charcoal" you use is not going to leach phosphate. What you should be using is activated carbon suitable for marine use.
yes i got the activatedbone charcoal one here that is what i am intending to use so it is a good thing to use then ?
That would work, as long as you keep the sponge clean and replace the activated carbon often.
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