Measure twice - add water once...

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    I've almost converted my tank to a tropical fresh water tank....:whistling:
    For the last couple of day's I've noted that my "evaporation" on my tank is extremely high. As per normal I just added fresh water like I've done for the past year or so.
    Last night I've noted that my corals ain't opening that much - even my little pin cushion who is always extracted are closed...
    I've decided that I must do a small water change - seeing that it was due in any case.
    Just to make sure that the salinity in my pre-mix tank and the salinity in my tank is more or less the same I've measured the both....
    My salinity in my tank was something like 1.019 (or something like that - all that i know is that it is way below what it's supposed to be)
    Long story short - one of my sumps out side is leaking water like mad...And me - I've just added water...(dump @ss):nono:
    Luckily I could by pass that sump. I'll need to fix that sometime...
    I've switched on a fan to speed up evaporation in my tank, and I've added a LITTLE bit of salt in my tank...
    I'll slowly convert my tank back to a marine tank...;)
    Luckily none of the fish looks really stressed - only the corals looked a bit down.

    A while ago I've almost added an auto top up with an Ro unit to automate everything. Thank heavens I didn't had the money to buy it back then - else I would have had a fresh water tank...

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