RSS ME Amino POLYP Extender for coral growth, coloration

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8 May 2007
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ME Amino POLYP Extender by ME Coral is a highly concentrated amino acid solution that is designed to encourage coral growth and coloration, minus all the phosphates.

So what is in ME Amino Polyp Xtender? It is made primarily a strong dose of aspartic acid and glutumic acid along with other proprietary ingredients including acidic acid as a preservative and carbon source. ME Coral promises USP grade amino acids giving you a high quality product to maximize results.

Like other amino acid products on the market, ME Amino is designed to deliver the more common amino acids in corals organic matrix that serve as the building blocks of protein directly from the water column while minimizing the organic pollutants you get from other types of feeding.

ME Amino not only designed as regular dosing component for your low nutrient coral system, but has also been shown to elicit a feeding response after about 15 minutes.

The company recommends dosing 6ml per 100 gallons and has shown the best results dosing in the evening to maximize the nighttime feeding of the corals. An 8 oz bottle retails for $16.99 USD.

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