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    The Mazarra X will be MaxSpect’s next iteration of their flagship LED light fixture, following in the footsteps of the Mazarra P and S series. There’s so much going on at ReefStock every year, it’s hard to get it all covered while still running the show. Luckily, once the show was successfully wrapped up with over 700 attendees, it was time to bring a few hard core reefers together at RB CentCom to take a sneak peek at some super secret aquarium products coming down the pike.

    Mr Saltwater Tank gladly produced this short clip highlighting what the new MaxSpect Mazarra X will be all about. *

    Correction:*one detail of the Mazarra X which we totally botched was telling Mr. Saltwater Tank that the Mazarra X will have six channels of color control. In the post-ReefStock haze we tripped up and meant to tell him that the Mazarra X will have 6*time points*for changing colors of the different channels throughout the day. Our bad.*

    The Mazarra X will not be officially unveiled until InterZoo in Germany about two months from now but MaxSpect was kind enough to send us a pair of prototypes. We showed the Mazarra X to the reef aquarium veterans that came to ReefStock for feedback and input before all features of this new light are finalized.

    The main difference between the Mazarra X and its predecessors will be the built in controller of the Master unit, meaning less things to buy, and a much cheaper overall cost of set up since additional slave modules will also be much more affordable. With a simplified user experience and really aggressive pricing, the Mazarra X is poised to become a very popular fully fledged and controllable LED aquarium light for many reefers in the future.
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