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    The Gyre XL is a massive new version of the MaxSpect Gyre pump that MaxSpect showed off at Aquarama last weekend. In addition to the new rotor design for the Gyre FX130, MaxSpect taunted us with two new prototype Gyre pumps that are each more than double the size and output of the current largest MaxSpect Gyre FX150.

    IThe two versions of the massive new jumbo sized MaxSpect are each candidates to be the next professional size of the MaxSpect Gyre pump, both of the pumps are rated for 200 watts of power. t seems that the MacSpect Gyre pump scales up in size pretty well and so MaxSpect is experimenting with two different form factors.

    [​IMG]Two different prototype versions of the MaxSpect Gyre XL currently under development

    One version of the MaxSpcet Gyre XL is about 16 inches long, quite thick and it produces very high flow speed over its length. The other version of the 200 watt MaxSpect Gyre is longer at about 22 inches (55cm) long and it pushes approximately the same amount of flow as the stouter prototype, but over a greater length and at a slightly slower flow speed.

    The stout version would be better suited to creating stronger jets of water and packing in more water movement in an overall smaller package. Meanwhile the longer and more slender version of the Gyre XL seems like it would be better for large commercial systems desiring to create broad mass-water movement that is mostly unidirectional in large coral holding systems and jumbo reef displays.

    [​IMG]Half of a MaxSpect Gyre XL assembly next to an iPhone 6

    While in Singapore for Aquarama MaxSpect took the time to bring their new XL Gyre pumps to the SEA Aquarium in Sentosa and tested their new creations on the 2000 gallon reef tank that has come a long way in two years. We weren’t there to witness the Gyre XL in action but we are told that the flow speed and distribution was quite impressive in the large display which already boasts a wide diversity of fast-growing corals.

    We don’t expect MaxSpect to have the new massive Gyre pumps available anytime soon, nor do we expect to hear much more about them for quite some time. Expected launch of the new Gyre XL pumps is slated for about a year from now so perhaps we’ll see the production versions of these exciting new pumps around this time next year for InterZoo 2016.

    [​IMG]The motor assembly for one of the MaxSpect Gyre XL is almost as long as a regular ball point pen

    [​IMG]The stout and the long versions of the MaxSpect gyre XL pumps next to an iPhone 6

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