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    They say*imitation*is the*sincerest*form of flattery and with this LED fixture we spotted — the Maxspect Razor*definitely should be flattered. We recently heard about this similar-looking fixture from Clovers LED, an equipment wholesaler in Asia,*that bears an*uncanny resemblance to the Razor. This clone fixture has nearly the identical housing of the Razor and features 108W of power via 36 3W Cree LEDs to give you four-channel control and built-in timer with nine separate settings.

    Looking at the cutting edge design of the Razor, it is easy to spot the similarities in Clovers’ version. *This clone seems to fit in between the*27-in. Razor that has three clusters of 13 LEDs and the 20-in. version with two clusters. *The Clovers LED clone is a 24-in. aluminum body with clusters of 12 LEDs in three banks along with an LCD display on one end and a simple remote control. The fixture can also be hung or supported on legs over the aquarium.

    maxpect-r420r1.jpg The Maxspect Razor (above) made its debut at Interzoo last year.

    Both fixtures features passive cooling with thermostat-controlled active cooling fans that will automatically go on once the fixture reaches a certain temperature threshold. If you’re wondering what blend of LEDs this fixture has, it comes stock with six cool white, 12 warm white, 12 blue and six royal blues. The blend can also be customized for distributors if you want to make it more blue heavy for reefers.

    While pricing of the units will vary depending on how many units are being purchased, our guestimates would be at these lights to fall in the $400 range to start. Since the Razor starts around $419 and features a warranty and stateside product support, it may not be the bargain you expect.

    We have also seen this fixture rebadged and sold through at least one vendor here in the U.S. as the Tesla LED and can see this expanding similarly to what we’ve seen with the other Chinese box lights.

    LED Aquarium Light Tesla - YouTube
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