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    The MaxSpect QBox, Magnifyer, breeder box and frag rack are a suite of new products that qualify as essential accessories for both marine and freshwater aquariums. MaxSpect is better known for creating more high tech aquarium gear like LED lights, the Gyre pump, and the new forthcoming Gyre Advance Controller.

    There essentially three components to MaxSpects’ new acessories, each of which is made of high clarity molded plastic parts which attach magnetically to the glass walls of an aquarium. The first real innovation is the MaxSpect Magnifyer, a simple convex piece of plastic that provides a degree of magnification into the aquarium to better see either the minute details of subjects that are close to the glass, or to bring back parts of the aquarium in closer focus.

    The MaxSpect Magnifyer is an all purpose visual tool for bringing everything in your aquarium into closer focus

    The MaxSpect Breeder Box is a basic small isolation chamber which can be mounted inside the aquarium, either for separating new or small fish, or for observation and conditioning of various fish, and even target feeding of corals. The real special sauce happens when you combine the Magnifyer and Breeder Box to create the MaxSpect QBox.

    With the MaxSpect QBox you get the best of both worlds, a place to keep new or small fish and corals in a dedicated space, with a purpose built magnifyer that lets you really see what’s going on inside. The pairing of a magnifying glass with an isolation chamber is a brilliant combination so that you can have a truly dedicated observation platform which will make it easier to spot the onset of disease or parasites of fish and corals.

    The MaxSpect QBox combines the Magnifyer and Breeder Box into a complete observation chamber for new fish or target feeding corals

    It seems that while MaxSpect was at it, they decided to also make a high quality frag rack which can also be paired up with the Magnifyer. The MaxSpect Frag Rack is completely clear, comes with 18 frag plugs although it has 30 triangular cutouts for versatility in frag placement which we sincerely hope is compatible with standard round peg frag plugs.

    Once again, you can pair up the Frag Rack with MaxSpect’s new Magnifyer to closely inspect your new corals and frags both for the tiny parasites that captive corals often carry, as well as to observe their general health and polyp extension. We’re really digging the creative thinking that went into these products, useful for all aspects of the general aquarium hobby and we sincerely look forward to seeing these products in action at InterZoo 2016.

    The interesting new MaxSpect Frag Rack with custom frag plugs

    The basic MaxSpect Breeder Box

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