Maximum number of fish in a 128L tank

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    Hello all, I need to add stock into my tank but I need to know what is the maximum number of fish (small)you can have in a 128L Boyu tank, I seem to get different answers everytime so now im confused and does the number of corals and invertabrates affect the number of fish I have to keep?
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    :welcometomasa2:to MASA...:1:..I think it depends on the type of small fish you want to keep...(take the difference between a Prawn Goby and say a full grown Lawnmover Blennie)..each has it's own "minimum requirements"...I think I read somewhere 10G per Fish..but I stand totally corrected as then I have too much Fish in my own little 58L...2 Nemo's and a Bi-colour Blennie...and the I'm not sure about that...guess the quality of you'r Filtration has a lot too do with it...decent Skimmer comes to mind...
    Fish recommended for Small Marine tanks - Marine Aquariums of South Africa
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    It really is dependent on the type of fish and its adult size. A little goby requires much less space than even the smallest tang. Aggressiveness of the fish is also important as there is not a lot of hiding places in a small tank.
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    +1 on this....I dont think there is a magical number for this

    If I was you I would decide what nano fish you want to focus on and build a stocking list in accordance to that.

    I have a tank of similar volume and have only 2 fish at the moment one being a very aggressive Jumping bean dwarf angel and a territorial black perc clown.....I cant add any fish of similar size or that are open swimming as they get taken out by the duo....
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    so many factors.

    Adult size
    Tolerance to other similar shaped fish. Fish can be a little angel around some, but a devil around others.
    Behaviour, does it park off at some spot, like blennies, or are it an active swimmer.
    Territorial or not.

    At the end, most important factor, it is the oxygen in the water that determines how many fish you can have. How long can your tank go without power before the fish starts to suffocate?
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    A big factor would also be the filtration system you have on the Boyu. Is it a stockstandard Boyu with that ridiculously small skimmer? The more fish you add to your system, the more you have to feed and the heavier your bioload would be. I had a stockstandard TL550 with 10 small fish in it and I battled to keep my parameters in check. Waterchanges twice a week.
    What should also be considered is the feeding needs of each fish. You'll have to make sure you add fish with different feeding habits. ie. not to many algae eaters or sandsifters etc. The boyu has a very limited amount of different fish it could host HAPPILY....
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    ...and lastly the order that you put them in.

    If you put the shy ones in first and allow them to establish territories they do much better and there seam to be less agression when all the fish is establish.

    My personnel preference is a selection of gobies and blennies, with perhaps a pygmy wrasse and/or a fire fish.
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    I read this post a while a go, Posted by @Matt
    I believe its correct:

    Seahorses are listed by tank size with specific stocking suggestions in the Fish by Group section below.
    2 L Pico (Includes Red Sea 0.5g Deco Art) (1 extra small fish)

    -Blue Neon Goby
    -Catalina Goby [cold water]
    -Clown Gobies
    -Eviota Gobies
    -Panda (Clown) Goby
    -Redhead Goby
    -Trimma Goby
    -Yellow Neon Goby

    9.5 Pico (Includes 2.5g Minibow, Eclipse Explorer, JBJ 3g Pico) (1 fish)

    All of the above plus:
    -Citron Goby
    -Green Banded Goby (added by c'est ma)
    19L (1 fish)

    All of the above plus:
    -Green Chromis Damsel
    -Yellowtail blue Damsel

    (NOTE: This seems to be a socially accepted practice, although most if not all damsels will eventually out grow a 5g tank)

    26L (Includes 7g Minibow, 6g Eclipse, 6g CPR, 6g Nano Cube, 8g Aquawave) (1-2 fish)

    Keep in mind that the 6g CPR and 6g Nano Cube lose some swimming area to the built in filtration. I would not recommend the clowns in either of these tanks. One clown in a 7g minibow should be ok though.

    All of the above plus:
    -Ocellaris Clownfish (False Percula) (1, if you want a pair, move up to 10g+)
    -Percula Clownfish (True Percula) (1, if you want a pair, move up to 10g+)

    38L (Includes 12g Aquapod, 12g Nano Cube, 12g Eclipse, 11g Via Aqua, 12g Biocube) (2-3 fish)

    Keep in mind that the 12g aquapod and 12g nano cube lose some area due to the internal filtration. In reality the tank swimming area before rock is really only like 8 gallons. With these two tanks I would suggest 1-2 fish and some of the fish listed below may not be suitable for these tanks, but should be ok in a true 10g+.

    All of the above plus:
    -Yellow Assessor
    -Blue Assessor
    -Chalk Bass
    -Lantern Bass
    -Bicolor Blenny
    -Tailspot Blenny (added by Steelhealr)
    -Yellowtail Fang Blenny (V)
    -Threadfin Cardinalfish
    -Three Spot Damsel
    -Talbot’s Damsel
    -Three Stripe Damsel
    -Firefish Goby
    -Helfrich’s Firefish [$$$$!]
    -Purple Firefish Goby
    -Bicolor Psuedochromis
    -Diadem Pseudochromis
    -Fridmani (Orchid) Pseudochromis
    -Purple Pseudochromis
    -Scooter Blenny [with caution, not for beginners]
    -Red Scooter Blenny [with caution, not for beginners]
    -Painted Frogfish
    -Wartskin Frogfish
    -Blackray Shrimp Goby
    -Orange Stripe Goby
    -Orangespotted Goby
    -Randall’s Shrimp Goby
    -Yasha Hasha Goby
    -Wheeler’s Shrimp Goby
    -Yellow Watchman Goby
    -Rainfordi Goby
    -Royal Gramma
    -Falco Hawkfish
    -Flame Hawkfish
    -Pearly (Yellowhead) Jawfish
    -Possum Wrasse
    -Sixline Wrasse (note: some believe 20g+ may be more suitable, if you buy one for a 10g, get it small)

    75L (Includes 24g Aquapod, 24g Nano Cube, 20g Finnex M Tank) (3-5 fish)

    All of the above plus:
    -Atlantic Pygmy/Cherub Angelfish
    -Coral Beauty Angelfish
    -Flame Angelfish
    -Halfblack Angelfish
    -Rusty Angelfish
    -Convict Blenny (note: these guys do not stay 4 inches like book says. can get up to 12" easy.)
    -Midas Blenny
    -Redspotted Blenny
    -Redlip Blenny
    -Bangaii Cardinalfish
    -Orangestriped Cardinalfish
    -Flame Cardinalfish
    -Pajama Cardinalfish
    -Clarki Clownfish
    -Maroon Clownfish
    -Orange Skunk Clownfish
    -Pink Skunk Clownfish
    -Tomato Clownfish
    -Dwarf Golden Moray Eel (added by lakshwadeep)
    -Bar Goby
    -Blue Gudgeon Goby
    -Green Mandarin Goby [with caution, not for beginners]
    -Yellow Target Mandarin [with caution, not for beginners]
    -Blackcap Basslet
    -Arc Eye Hawkfish
    -Longnose Hawkfish
    -Bluespot Jawfish (added by fish n' pets)
    -Dusky Jawfish (added by fish n' pets)
    -Fu Manchu Lionfish (V)
    -Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish (V)
    -Dragon Pipefish [with caution, not for beginners]
    -Banded Pipefish [with caution, not for beginners]
    -Bluestripe Pipefish [with caution, not for beginners]
    -Bennett’s Toby
    -Valentini (Saddleback) Toby (placement in 20g min suggested by Bread)
    -White Spot Toby
    -Carpenter Flasher Wrasse
    -Filamented Flasher Wrasse
    -Fourline Wrasse (placement in 20g min suggested by Travis)
    -Longfin Fairy Wrasse
    -Redfin Fairy Wrasse
    -Tricolor (Lubbock’s) Fairy Wrasse
    -Twinspot Hogfish

    115L (Includes 32g Finnex M Tank) (4-6 fish)

    All of the above plus:
    -Ebli’s Angelfish
    -Lemonpeel Angelfish
    -Potter’s Angelfish
    -Dispar Anthias [with caution, not for beginners]
    -Fathead (Sunburst) Anthias [not for beginners] (added by Pili)
    -Longfin Anthias [w/ caution, not for beginners]
    -Lawnmower Blenny [mega herbivore, keep in mind]
    -Snowflake Eel
    -Giant Frogfish
    -Blue Spot Puffer
    -Yellow Choris (Canary) Wrasse
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    to add to this and @Helga mentioned it, is that filtration is the key besides the other stuff.

    when you add a fish your bacteria population will have to grow to meet the new demand, the danger lies in mineralisation, ammonia to nitrite, and denitrification , nitrite to nitrate, we want the filter to remove the toxic ammonia and nitrite as quick as possible to avoid stress and keep stability. so when one adds fish we need to cater for this by supplimenting the bacteria until they have adjusted, using stabilty or special blend or mbacter7, then we can stop after a few days. this is also dependant on how many fish we have added.

    but with reaching limits of the tank, at some stage we will saturate the population and slow the processes down. so how i test is after adding a fish, if i dont have 0 NH4 and 0 NO2 after 6-8 hours then i know my system has coped with the load, if it is still detectable a day later, i eighter remove the fish or add to my biological filtration.

    so taking into account, size of fish, feeding habits, clean up crew, fish socialogy there is no definite answer.
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    Thank you all for your input guys, it really helps a lot

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