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    The Mauritius triggerfish, Rhinecanthus cinereus, is one of seven species in the genus of Picasso triggerfish. Known only from the Western Indian Ocean, we’ve actually never seen the Mauritius triggerfish in person and the image above is the only one of a living, colorful specimen that we know of. Like the Tiger-Tail coral beauty angelfish and the Mauritius flasher wrasse, the Mauritius triggerfish was imported by Yadokariya of Japan.

    The yellow coloration of the body of Rhinecanthus cinereus is very attractive, and quite a surprise from a genus of triggers whose base coloration is primarily gray with unusual Picasso-inspired colorful markings. The long snout of the Mauritius triggerfish is very reminiscent of the trigger from Tonga, Rhinecanthus lunula, and there is another species of deepwater picasso triggerfish called Rhinecanthus abyssus which looks ony slightly removed from the Mauritius triggerfish, yet it is only known from deepwater of the Ryukyu islands of Japan where it has been caught on hook and line.
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