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Mauritian Live Stock Order (RARE)


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2 Sep 2013
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Good day.

We have been in contact with a supplier that is able to source us some stock from Mauritius.
This is very rare and does not come along very often.
However there is a very limited time frame.
The order must be placed by tomorrow evening (14th Feb) close of business 17:00.
Anyone interested please email us at info@marineandreef.co.za.
I apologize for the long post.

Common Name Scientific Name Sizes

Angels - Dwarfs Flameback Angelfish Centropyge Acanthops S - M

Mauritian Coral Beauty Centropyge Bispinosa spp (Tiger tail Coral beauty) S - M

Centropyge debelius

Dusky Cherub / Bluefin Angelfish Centropyge Multispinis S - M

Butterflyfish - Blackburn's Butterflyfish Chaetodon Blackburnii S / M / L

Peppered Butterflyfish Chaetodon Guttatissimus S / M / L

Klein's Butterflyfish Chaetodon Kleinni S / M / L

Indian Ocean Chevron Butterflyfish Chaetodon Madagascariensis S / M / L

Teardrop Butterflyfish Chaetodon Unimaculatus interruptus S / M / L

Yellowhead Butterflyfish Chaetodon Xanthocephalus

Long-nosed Butterflyfish Forcipiger Longirostris

Longfin Bannerfish Heniochus Acuminatus S / M / L

Masked Bannerfish Heniochus Monoceros S / M / L

Moorish Idol Zanclus Canescens (acclimatised)

Hogfish - Lyretail Hogfish Bodianus Anthioides S / M / L

Saddleback Hogfish Bodianus Billunulatus S / M / L

Blackfin Hogfish Bodianus Macrourus S / M / L

Bodianus Opercularis S / M / L

Banana Hogfish Bodianus altrolumbus Juvenile

Tangs & Surgeonfish - Tailring Surgeonfish Acanthurus Blochii

Dussumieri Tang Acanthurus Dussumieri S ( 4 cm)

Acanthurus Dussumieri M ( > 6 cm )

Spot-cheeked Surgeonfish Acanthurus Nigrofuscus S / M / L

Lieutenant Tang Acanthurus Tenneti S -M

Acanthurus Tenneti L ( > 8 cm )

Yellow-tailed Surgeonfish Acanthurus Thompsoni S - M

Mauritius Convict Tang Acanthurus Polyzona S - M

Zebra Tang Acanthurus Polyzona L

Blue Eye Tang Ctenochaetus binotatus S / M / L

Kole Tang Ctenochaetus Striatus small - medium S / M / L

Spotted Yelllow Eye Tang Ctenochaetus Truncatus - juv-yellow S - M

Ctenochaetus Truncatus - adult L ( > 8)

Blacktongue Unicorn Tang Naso Hexacanthus

Naso Tang Naso Lituratus S

Naso Lituratus M ( > 6 cm )

Yellow Bellied Blue Surgeonfish Paracanthurus Hepatus S

Paracanthurus Hepatus M ( > 6 cm )

Desjardin's Sailfin Tang Zebrasoma Desjardinii S - M

Zebrasoma Desjardinii L ( > 10 cm)

Zebrasoma Desjardinii XL ( > 15 cm)

Sailfin Gem Tang Zebrasoma Gemmatum S

Triggerfish - Painted Triggerfish Rhinecanthus Aculeatus S /M / L

Rectangle Triggerfish Rhinecanthus Rectangulus S /M / L

Mauritius Picasso Rhinecanthus Cinireus (Reefsafe)

Striped Triggerfish Xanthichthys lineopunctatus

Wrasses - White Spotted wrasse Anampses melanurus

Yellow-tail Tamarin Wrasse Anampses Meleagrides

Yellowbreasted Tamarin Wrasse Anampses Twistii

Two-spot Wrasse Cheilinus Bimaculatus S - M

Blood Stained Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus sanguineus

Clown Coris Wrasse Coris Aygula juv S - M

Spottail Coris Coris Caudimacula S / M / L

African Coris Coris Cuvieri S / M / L

Blue Bird Wrasse Gomphosus Caeruleus

Brown Bird Wrasse Gomphosus varius

Adorned Wrasse Halichoeres Cosmetus

Checkerboard wrasse Halichoeres Hortulanus

Radiant Wrasse Halichoeres Iridis

Picture Wrasse Halichoeres Nebulosus

Pelicier's Wrasse Halichoeres Pelicieri

Finescale Wrasse Hologymnosus Annulatus

Ringed Wrasse Hologymnosus Doliatus S - M

Yellowback Wrasse Labropsis Xanthonota

Blue spotted Wrasse Macrophargynodon cyanoguttatus

Mauritian Jewel Wrasse Macrophargynodon Lapillus ( very colorful) - F

Macrophargynodon Lapillus ( very colorful) - Semi - Male

Macrophargynodon Lapillus ( very colorful) - Male

Divided Wrasse Macropharyngodon Bipartitus Female

Macropharyngodon Bipartitus Male

Macropharyngodon Vivienae Juvenile

Mauritius Flasher wrasse Parachelinus piscelineatus female

Parachelinus piscelineatus male

Parachelinus piscelineatus - super rare Alpha male

Plectranthias pelicieri

Mauritian Eightstripe wrasse Pseudocheilinus Dispilus S - M

Pseudocheilinus Evanidus

Yamashiro's Rainbowfish Pseudocoris Yamashiroi

Mauritius Pencil Wrasse Pseudojuloides xanthomos F

Mauritius Pencil Wrasse Pseudojuloides xanthomos M

Pseudodax Moluccanus
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