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    Would you like to buy livestock this weekend or just browse??
    COME TO Pet Stop SA!!!
    We just received a massive shipment of 11 boxes of livestock!!!:thumbup:

    I do not have details yet as they are busy unpacking and do not allow me to take the invoices, but I can say that :
    1. marine fish +
    2. Marine inverts +
    3. Marine LIVEROCK +
    4. Marine corals and
    5. Tropical fish +
    6. Tropical plants and
    7. general hardware

    will not be in shortage this weekend!!!:m12:

    I will ask Talita to send a email to email subscribers and post the complete pricelist ASAP on :

    For tropicals HERE
    and for Marines HERE

    See you all this weekend:lol:

    Feel free to Call 012-751 2432 or 012-329 8965 and speak to Elijah, Drikus or Shawn for more info.:m106:
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