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    Hi all

    We landed 5 shipments this week and we have loads of specials going.

    At the bottom is a complete stocklist

    BUT the specials are highlighted first.

    200 ocelaris clowns for only R90-00
    45 Clarki's clowns @ only R95-00
    45 BLACK & WHITE Clowns @ only R255-00


    12 Open brains (Trachyphyllia Geoffroyi) @ only R395-00


    Frags from R95-00 each

    So let me not keep you in suspense any more .....

    This is the list of rest of the species we landed :eek: :1: :thumbup:

    Centropyge Bicolor Oriole [Medium] 7
    Centropyge Bisipinosus Coral Beauty 9
    Centropyge Ferrugatus Rusty Angel 1
    Centropyge Heraldi Yellow Angel 4
    Centropyge Tibicin Black Angel 2
    Centropyge Vroliki Half Black Angelfish 4
    Centropyge flavipectoralis Yellow Finned Angelfish 1
    Centropyge multispinis Blue Finned Angelfish 1
    Centropyge Vroliki Pearl-scaled Angelfish 2
    Chaetodon Mesoleucos Queen Angel [Medium] 1
    Holacanthus Trimaculatus Flag Fin 3
    Pomacanthus annularis Blue Ring Adult 1
    Pomacanthus imperater Emperor Adult 1
    Pomocanthus imperator Emperor Juv. 1

    Pleurotenia Sun Burst Anthias [Medium] 10
    Pseudanthias dispar Dispar Anthias 10
    Pseudanthias Hutchi Red Cheeked Antenna Basslet (Green) 10
    Pseudanthias Squamipinnis Jewel Antenna Basslet (Red) 5
    Pseudoanthis Sp Common Anthias 9

    Chaetodon Forcipiger Yellow Long Nose Butterfly 2
    Chaetodon Mertensi Red Checker [Medium] 2
    Chaetodon Punctatofaciatus Punctato Butterfly 2
    Chaetodon Rostratus Copper Band / Chelmon [Medium] 6
    Zanclus Criocensis Moorish Idol 1
    Zanclus cornutus Moorish Idol 4

    Archamia Leai Lea's Cardinalfish 5

    Chromis Caerulus Green Chromis 40
    Chromis Caeruelus Orange Line Chromis 40
    Chromis Viridis Blue-green Chromis 10

    Stopidhon Brummeri Ribbon Eel (Gost) 2

    Aeoliscus Strigatus Shrimpfish 5
    Belonepterygion fasciolatum Banded Longfin 2
    Chilosscykium Greseum Egg Shark 2
    Liopropoma Carmabi Candy Basslet 6
    Lo Vulpinus Fox Face [Medium] 2
    Odonus niger Blue Trigger Fish 2
    Opistognathus Scops Bullseye Jawfish(Gobies) 1
    Pseudochromis Paccagnelae Royal Dottyback 5
    Synchirupus Plendidu Green Mandarin (Large) 3
    Synchirupus Plendidu Green Mandarin [Medium] 4
    Clingfish 4

    Amblyeleotris wheeleri Spotted Goby 3
    Amblygobius Rainfordi Orange Line-Striped Goby 10
    Ctenogobiops Tangaroai Tangaroa Goby 1
    Ecsenius bicolor Red Tail Blenny/Bicolor Blenny 1
    Eleotrioded Strigata White Goby 4
    Eleotroides Strigata Ord. White Goby 3
    Gobiodon Rivulatus Rippled Coral Goby 1
    Meiacanthus Astrodorsalis Forktail Blenny 4
    Valenciennea Puellaris Orange Spotted Goby 1
    Valenciennea sexgutta Lader Glider / White Sand Goby 3
    Valenciennea Sexguttata White Glider 2

    Doryrhamphus Excisus Excisus Bluestripe Pipefish 4
    Doryrhamphus Janssi Janss' Pipefish 1
    Doryrhamphus Multiannulatus Many banded pipefish 1
    Hippocampus Comes Tiger tail seahorse 6
    Hippocampus Histrix Histrix seahorse 6
    Hippocampus Kuda Yellow seahorse 6
    solenostomus paradoxus Ornate Ghost Pipefish 1

    Acanthurus leucosternon Powder Blue Surgeon 2
    Lo Vulpinus Fox Face [Medium] 5
    Naso Lituratus Lipstick [Medium] 2
    Naso brevirostris Naso B. /Spotted Unicorn 1
    Naso lituratus Lipstic Tang /Blonde Naso 3
    Paracanthurus Hepathus Blue Tang (Medium) 4
    Siganus Puelloides Black-eyed Spinefoot 4
    Zebrasoma Flaviscens Yellow Tang 2
    Zebrasoma Flaviscens Yellow Tang L 1
    Zebrasoma Veliferum Sail Fin Tang 2

    Anampses melearides Marble Wrasse 1
    Bodianus Diana Diana's Hogfish (Juv) 2
    Coris Angula Triclor Wrasse 2
    Halichoeres Ornatissimus Red checkerboard wrasse 2
    Halichoeres Ornatissimus Red checkerboard wrasse 1
    Paracheilinus Filamentosus Filament-fin Wrasse 10
    Parachellinus Coskeri Carpenter Wrs 12
    Pseudocheilinus Evanidus Scarlet Wrasse 2
    Pseudochelinus Hexataenia Six Line Wrasse 10
    Wetmorella Albovittatus Arrowhead Wrasse 1

    x mangrove 6

    Caulerpa Sp. Red Red Dense Algae 3

    Macrodactyla Doreensis Corkscrew tentacle sea anemone 10
    Entacmaea Quadricolor (Brown) Corn/Bulb Anemone - Brown 4
    Entacmaea Quadricolor (Green) Corn/Bulb Anemone - Green 2
    Heteractis Crispa (Gold Tip) Saddle Tip Sand Anemone 3
    Macrodactylia Dorensis Red Base Anemone 2
    Radianthus malu/Entacmea Quadricolor Bulb anemone 1

    Blastomussa Sp Blastomussa coral 4
    goniopora Green jewel 2
    Mycetophyllia Ridged cactus coral 2
    Mycetophyllia Ridged cactus coral 2
    Ricordea Sp Corallimorphe Floride 4
    Styloconiella Thorn coral 3
    Trachyfyllia Sp Open brain coral 6
    Trachyfyllia Sp Open brain coral 6
    yellow colour Clavelinia sp Yellow 2
    Euphyllia Divisa Frogspawn coral 3

    Acabaria Sp. Yellow Yellow Seafan (Spider Web) 3

    Enoplometopus Debelius Purple Reef Lobster 2
    Mierophys Species Spider Crabs 2
    Palinurella Wieneckii Red Dwarf Spiny Lobster 1
    Petrolisthis Oshimai Anemone Crabs 10
    Pseudocolochirus Axiologus Sea apple tricolor 2
    Sabella Fusca Fan worm 4
    Uca Sarratan Pamping Crabs 10

    Alpheus Yaldwyni Red Stripe Symbiosis Shrimp 4
    Fromia Elegans Red Shrimp 1
    Lysmata Grahbami Bumble Bee Shrimp 6
    Lysmata amboinensis Hippolis Matha 18
    Lysmata debelius Fire Shrimp 3
    Perechiminis Brevecarpalis Sexy Shrimp 20
    Saron Rectirostris Purple Legs Marble Shrimp 9
    Stenophus Hispidus Banded Shrimp [Medium] 4

    Acropora Table Acro 2
    Acropora Blue/purple Acro 2
    Acropora Cerealis Bushy Acropora 5
    Acropora Digitate Acropora samoensis 5
    Montipora Ass Monyi 3
    Pink colour PINK acor 2
    SPS Wild colour special 2


    CLOWNS Ocelaris 200
    CLOWNS Clarki 45
    CLOWNS Black & white 45

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    I will attempt to start a thread on corals - starting with SPS as time allow.

    Look out for that Picture thread asap ;)
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    Do you have mangrove trees in stock?????
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    They are pod with roots and leafs

    There are 2 lefts ;)

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