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    MACNA can be considered one of the top hobby shows in North America where hobbyists get a chance to get together in a different city to hear great speakers, network with vendors and manufacturers, catch up with old friends and just have a great time. Now there is a hunt to find the next club to host MACNA 2014. Just like the Olympics (minus all the junkets and bribery), the Marine Aquarium Societies of America (MASNA) asks local clubs all over North America to put together a bid to host the event in their area and they are now looking for submissions to host MACNA in 2014.

    Hosting MACNA not only allows your club to showcase your city and region but it also offers an incredible source of revenue for your club. Sure there is a lot of work involved but with fun shows, cool things to do and great hobbyists arriving from all over the globe, the work can be well worth the opportunity for your club. Just think, you can have an increased budget to buy testing equipment to loan out, bring in top-level speakers, have an impressive library, or to host a great summer BBQ.

    MACNA 2012 is heading back to the Dallas/Fort Worth area this fall after hitting the Heartland in Des Moines in 2011 and sunny Orlando in 2010 so will it be in your neighborhood come 2014? We’re still waiting for a club on the West Coast to step up and host the show! MACNA hasn’t been seen out there since MACNA X in 1998 when it invaded Los Angeles. Sure there are awesome shows like Reef-A-Palooza but wouldn’t it be great to head to Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland or Seattle for a show? I know I would.

    So the challenge is on — put your best foot forward and look into hosting MACNA in 2014. Don’t worry, the process is not as painful as you think and the MASNA team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have all the bases covered and can offer advice as well. If you are interested, contact the MASNA Board of Directors at BOD[@]
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