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    Hi Guys

    All of your responses have been tallyed and more importantly your comments have been read. Obviously some of the stuff is still kinda under discussion but these are the things I can comment on for now:

    Most people voted that they liked the current classifieds system. We've decided to keep the classifieds system for hardware and use a threads classifieds for livestock (although there will be a form to start the thread to make sure certain info is included).

    Small technical issues
    - Red Pager button placed into members profile page
    - Vista style now available, see the theme selector at the bottom left of the page.
    - More threads shown on the home page
    - 1 or 2 people mentioned not being able to click through to the last page of a thread from the homepage. There is a little arrow next to the nickname of the last person who posted that will take you to the last post. The page links ("1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page") won't be added because it adds quite a few queries to the database and code to the page
    - Someone mentioned your own posts not coming up under "new posts" when you have just posted. This is in line with how new posts works because when you post, it redirects you back to that thread to read it. Now it won't show up under new posts anymore because it's been read. In order to see a similar thing but that shows you threads you just posted in click on "Quick Links" then "Todays Posts"

    Some other technical stuff is still being looked at to see if it can be achieved.

    MASA Shop
    No, we're not kicking off all our sponsors and selling everything ourselves... :whistling:
    This has been suggested to sell MASA branded t-shirts, caps, mousepads, cups, etc. We've tried to organise some stuff along those lines before but hasn't quite worked out. Hopefully we will get this running.

    Lots of people loved the TOTM and wanted more of them. It's rather difficult getting people to a) Agree to be featured, b) Have decent pics and c) Do the write up. All of this takes some time but now we have Dallas and he's going to be whipping them into shape ;)

    Animated avatars
    I'm afraid the people wanting animated avatars have failed to achieve a two thirds majority and as such we can't change the avatar constitution.
    Hehe, just kidding. We will allow marine related animated avatars only. Static avatars can be marine or non-marine.

    Seems quite a few people would love some more competitions. I would too however the response to our previous competitions has been very dismal and it's quite a bit of work to co-ordinate them so unfortunately not too many are going to be happening. If we do have any they will be simpler and for smaller prizes.

    This always seems to be quite a controversial topic. Overall though it seems most people are pretty happy with our sponsors. Quite a few people left the name of a sponsor but no specific reason.
    The main issues are:
    a) Bad service and wrong advice
    This is something that unfortunately plagues our industry (as well as almost every other one actually). Every one of the sponsors was complained about at least once. I think the main thing for the sponsors to keep in mind here is that when you do the customer wrong they remember it for a very long time and they let other people know about it too. Trust me from reading the comments I remember some of the incidents and a lot of them happened over a year ago, yet there is still the "sour taste". I really can't see how it makes business sense to go the bad advice/quick buck route.
    Some of the other sponsors just need to work on their service a bit, make sure you get back to people etc.
    Keep in mind that it is not up to the retailer to ensure that livestock/hardware is suitable to your system. It is great to have an LFS you can trust (people usually find one like this right after being sold crap from another LFS).

    b) Fighting between sponsors
    Obviously there is really nothing we can do outside of this forum. Just to let you know this won't be tolerated on the forum. In fact any sponsors should keep the non-sales side of their business off the forum.

    c) Sponsor "protection"
    This is something that I don't believe we do here however I think it does seem like it sometimes when complaint threads get closed etc. Those threads usually get closed for other reasons besides "protecting a sponsor". Usually the thread is left open long enough for both sides to give their side of the story but longer than that it is pointless to continue bashing the person and we don't want heated arguments that should really be sorted out in private on here. The threads may be closed but I'd urge members to do a bit of research on seeing what other people say about the sponsor. If anyone still feels strongly about this please PM me (include a link to a thread if you can).

    General Vibe
    It seems quite a few people are having trouble "keeping up" with the site lately as it's quite busy. A few complained about having too many "chatty" posts. I'd tend to agree with them as I prefer the quality posts etc. Of course certain types of threads tend to be more chatty (like saying "great tank" in a member setup for example) but in the more serious threads please keep in mind "If you don't have anything to say then don't say it".
    A few members don't like other members, something that can be solved quite easily with the "ignore" feature. The ignore feature works quite nicely, you should see a minimised version of that persons post and you can click to see the whole post. If someone's bugging you then try it.

    Fish/Coral database
    This is my bad. I've been developing one but it isn't quite ready to be shown off etc. I haven't done any development since November or so. I've set up the whole development environment for it on this laptop which I'm on more often after hours so hoping to get back into it soon. Will be awesome if... I mean *when* it's done... ;)

    Otherwise overall the feedback was very positive :thumbup::yeahdude:
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    Cape Town
    Thanks for the feedback Rory.
  5. RiaanP

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    11 Aug 2008
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    Thanks Rory for more threads on the home page, Now I can keep up and follow stuff better after an hour offline.:)
  6. Rory

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    5 May 2007
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    A whole hour?! Sacriledge!
  7. Warr7207


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    Good to see that the feedback is being looked over. Just one more reason why i love this forum. Good job.
  9. dallasg

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    thanks for the update, u guys must have had alot to go thru
  10. crispin


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    Lilliehammer, Norway
    thanks for the update and the summary of the key issues, Greatly appreciated :)
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