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    Ever wanted to "bookmark" a thread or post to save it for later reading or save a thread with some excellent info in it?

    You can now bookmark individual posts anywhere on the forum so that they are easy to find. Here's how...

    Click the "Bookmark" link in any post;

    masa bookmark 2.jpg

    You will then get a pop-up like this giving you the option of adding a note or comment if you wish, once you click Submit it will be added to your own personal Bookmark list;

    masa bookmark 3.jpg

    To access your Bookmark list, hover over your username at the top right of the page and you will see the link in your list;

    masa bookmark.jpg

    This is what your list will look like;

    ** NB: click on the Post Number to go to your bookmarked post;

    masa bookmark 4.jpg
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    This is great. Can mark specific useful posts. Nice.

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