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    In his own artistic way, photographer Mark Laita knows fish from a playful angle that should appeal to all fish lovers. With a new book entitled simply “Sea” Mark Laita explores the beautiful side of our finned*fiends*in reflections of the aquatic creatures,*literally*being*reflected*in the camera lens and slightly*disturbed*water surfaces. In the playful shot above, Laita has combined a marine betta, Calloplesiops altivelis and a panther grouper, Cromileptes altivelis, both species of spotted “groupers” sharing a species name but an inverted color pattern of each other.*

    In another shot Mark Laita has captured the rare beauty of a large supermale Richmond’s wrasse, Halichoeres richmondi, a common species which is which is chronicled in an uncommonly good shot. In Addition to all his fish works, Mark Laita dabbles in other subjects such as nature, colorful bird specimens, pit vipers and the colorful outfits of Mexican wrestling, Lucha Libre. Mark Laita’s photo style is reminiscent of Matt Wittenrich’s all white background fish photography and if you like these two shots, there’s lots more of them to see on the Mark Laita website on in his book. [Mark Laita via Acuaristica]

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