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    The Marineland Frameless Cube Aquariums are a new line of aquariums from United Pet Group which will satisfy the most modern of aquarium taste. Coming in a 25, 45, 60 and 93 gallon volume, Marineland’s Frameless Cube series of aquariums will replace the same four sizes of aquariums which previously had come framed. Only the two larger 60 and 93 gallon frameless aquariums will have a reef-ready-style overflow, in the corner for the 93 and a slim-lined one on the 60 gal.

    Marineland’s Frameless Cube Aquariums are made in the USA and come with a Lifetime Guarantee when used in conjunction with a commercially manufactured aquarium stand. *These new frameless tanks*feature beveled and polished edges and clear silicone with a contemporary look that is further complimented by new glass canopies (lids) that are held in place with clear clips.


    Interestingly enough, Marineland first ‘announced’ the frameless/rimless series*about*two years ago *but once they saw how popular the framed cube series became, and how well it sold, UPG decided to hold back a little bit to make sure they could meet demand for the frameless version.

    Dealers will get their first look at Marineland’s frameless cube aquariums in their final versions this week for Global Pet Expo in Orlando and they will be shipping beginning March 1st. However if you’re anywhere near Denver the weekend of March 2&3 you better come down to ReefStock as we will have the first one on display to the public; a reef-ready 93 gallon frameless cube with the stand will be raffled off as the grand prize.

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