Urgent help needed Marine Tank Reseal / Repair (Reputable Trustworthy Installer) URGENT

3 Mar 2020
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Hi Guys,

I'm not new here, been reading a lot but not contributing because I don't currently have any reef fish yet.....

I do however have a boyu marine tank. I don't recall the model but its 1.5m in length and its a rimless 15mm glass tank.

I discovered one of the seals is splitting (Thankfully no leaking yet) but as everybody knows its only a matter of time.
The place I bought the tank has offered to repair it but I'm concerned they will not redo all the seams and only fix the seam that is broken.

Can anyone recommend a trustworthy installer in Johannesburg that could assist me?
I would at this stage rather pay someone and know the job was done right from the beginning in this "stressful" time.

I have already removed half the water for the moment but any recommendations on reputable persons who can repair would be appreciated.
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