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    Hi GUYS

    Yes the LOYALTY PROGRAM is taking of with a BANG!!!

    We have the following special:
    But first the RULES
    • There are 3 prices -
    • 1st is the normal price for clients that do not buy from us REGULARLY or only when we have specials
    • 2nd is for guys that DO BUY regularly from Pet Stop SA, but are not registered yet (Rasta & Eliah know you ;) ) = Please once every now and then does not count and neither do special hunters
    • 3rd are EXCLUSIVELY to registered client ONLY
    • Stock are limited per customer so that everyone can share in this promotion

    How do you register?
    Come in and buy from us and enter your details on the forms provided IN STORE. Shipping clients speak to Talita she know you ;)

    Species on promotion are:
    1. Sohal Tang 1=R2900 - 2 =R2270 - 3 =R1641
    2. Flame angel 1 =R1500 - 2 =R1228 - 3 =R956
    3. LARGE Platinum clown 1 =R1195 - 2 =R965 - 3 =R735
    4. Lemon peel angel 1 =R1700 - 2 =R1390 - 3 =R1080

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