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    Marine Life of Fiji and Tonga is a new DVD by Josh Jensen and Liz Harlin which is loaded with video footage of reef life. The DVD set is comprised of 77 chapters and three and a half hours of footage to help viewers learn reef fish, corals and invertebrates.

    The DVD set weaves together over 1700 clips of marine animals in their natural environment showing juvenile, make, female and regional variations of commonly seen species. There’s almost 1300 species identifications with 800 of those being fish IDs – we’re not even sure if we could name 800 species of reef fish, guess we should pick this video up and put it on loop in the living room.

    The Marine Life of Fiji and Tonga DVD lists for just AU$39 but it is currently selling for the meager price of just AU$19.95, that’s less than twenty bucks in US greenbacks. At that price, you can’t afford*not to get the DVD, especially if you own a store and like to play videos in the shop.

    If you want to sharpen up your fish ID skills of a broad range of species from the Pacific Ocean, you probably can’t get any easier than playing this video and putting it on repeat. If you are interested, there’s a sample of the Butterflyfish video chapter on the product order page so you can preview the general format of Marine Life of Fiji and Tonga DVD.*[Undersea Productions]

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    Would love to get my hands on one of these dvd's. Maybe @viper357 can import for us......
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    You can order the DVD directly from them for something like R340 including shipping from Aus, just did this morning. ;) How long it will take to reach my post box is anyone's guess though.

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