"Marine Life Documentries" Which Are They and Where To Get Them

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    Hey Guys
    It is about high time that I actually started this thread to help one another with details of aquiring documentries on Marine Life. Eg.The name of the documentary and where you purchased it from. Please give any usefull info pertaining to it so as to make it easier for the person looking for it to find it. I think the fact that we all keep Marine Tanks is because we love it and want to learn more about this awesome existance on our planet. So here is the two I have and where I got it from.

    1. The Blue Planet (Narrated by David Attenborough) 4 Disc Set Total viewing time 640 minutes. It is a 7 part documentry on the ocean and its inhabitants. Purchased through kalahari.net for R240 if I can remeber clearly. It could have been less as well. Musica also had this.
    2. The Great Barrier Reef. Purchased through kalahari.net as well for R180 including delivery. They have this in DVD and Blu-Ray. Actually I'm expexting my Blu-Ray copy on Moday and cannot wait. takealot.co.za also has this for R160 excluding delivery.
    Anyway from my side that's what I can share with you.


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