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8 May 2007
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Like vinyl records, the demand for physical, tangible media is on the rise and in the marine aquarium hobby, this means that real books are finally making a comeback. First it was the new edition of the Rudie Kuiter book on Labridae Fishes: Wrasses, and the new book of the week is Marine Life and Natural History of the Coral Triangle.

The new book by Lee Goldman and Ethan Daniels is the latest publication to bring into focus one of our favorite regions of the world, the one and only Coral Triangle. With an emphasis on bringing readers up to speed on a variety of subjects about the Marine Life and Natural History of the coral reefs between Bali Indonesia, the Solomon Islands and the Philippines, Goldman & Daniels’ new book is the perfect crash course about everything that can be seen and observed under these waters.

Marine Life and Natural History of the Coral Triangle is a distillation of everything that is fascinating about the Coral Triangle, from the multitude of fish, invertebrate and coral species that live there, to how corals reefs were formed. Other highlights of the book also discuss why reef fish are colorful,  various symbiotic relationships that are unique to corals reefs, and loads of other phenomena that are endemic to tropical coral reefs.

Lee & Goldman’s Coral Triangle is also a very affordable book, at just $27.95 for more than 300 pages, if you’ve got a coral reefing library worth its weight in salt, then you definitely need to add this volume to your collection. [Coral Triangle Adventures, Amazon]

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