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    Marine Habitat Magazine launched in the UK on the first of this month, as did their website and blog! The mag is dedicated to saltwater aquariums and marine ecology, and I'm looking forward to a more advanced, quality publication (even if it'll be a bit harder for us here in the states to get our hands on a copy). Our own Mike Maddox is a launch columnist of this new publication, as well! Straight from the Marine Habitat Magazine website: "Marine Habitat is a new and very exciting printed magazine dedicated to the marine fish keeping hobby and the on-going support of marine conservation. Marine Habitat will be published bi-monthly and will be packed with facinating articles writen by a selection of the best marine experts from around the world. Marine Habitat has 2 faces, the printed magazine publication and its sister online website, together aiming to provide an all round resource for readers. The magazine will be packed with articles and amazing images but sometimes there just isn’t enough room and so the website will offer additional content, in the form of extra article text, additoinal photos and more over video footage to support printed articles. The website will...


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