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    Marine Depot has decided to return to the livestock side of the aquarium business by relaunching Marine Depot Live.*Almost four years since Marine Depot Live was closed, the Depot is once again aiming to satisfy all your marine livestock demands with a contemporary marine life website.

    Currently the Marine Depot Live website has webpages for corals, clams and fish but only the coral section is populated with a decent selection, neatly browsable by clear and concise tags. The corals that are in the MDL galleries are pretty sweet though, and exotic pieces like the Marshmallow Leptoseris, Watermelon Micromussa and this assortment of disc corals really caught our eye: the wysiwyg photos are impeccable and the black background makes them pop.


    Marine Depot has been at the forefront of making high quality and diverse marine and reef aquarium products available over the last half decade. If they can do for crazy rainbow chalices what it did with man of today’s leading aquarium devices, we could see a lot more amazing top tier corals come to market from Marine Depot Live; we and a whole lot of other livestock dealers will be watching for sure.
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