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8 May 2007
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Marine Biosystems, the company that brought us their unique new 3D printed biopellet reactor with the complete whole chamber spinning design have another innovation up their sleeve. While it is poorly illustrated in the video below, what Marine Biosystems has done is to put a biopellet reactor right inside a protein skimmer.

Some companies have tried to make sure the outflow from their biopellet reactor channels directly into the protein skimmer so that the nutrient accumulating bacteria can be be directly exported. But if you want complete biopellet nutrient export and are pressed for space, you couldn’t do much better than placing the solid carbon reaction chamber right inside the protein skimmer.

Of course, at this level of incorporation you have to be really committed to the use of biopellets since the reactor goes right inside the skimmer. This placement of the reactor inside the skimmer body will compromise some of the reaction volume inside the skimmer body.

It’s a shame that Marine Biosystems has only this grainy video to illustrate what is otherwise a very creative concept. While this mating of the biopellets the protein skimmer looks fairly basic, future implementations could streamline both the look and function of both devices while optimizing both. [Marine Biosystems]

Marine Biosystems Nutrient Reduction Filter - Ultimate Protein Skimmer - YouTube
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