Marine Aquarium Cycle

i have added the salt, not sure if its the correct quantity yet though, i have 2 sicce pumps stirring things up. Bout 3/4 full now. was going to get live rock this week but after reading this thread i might wait a few days to let things settle. is the skimmer on during the cycle process?
is the skimmer on during the cycle process?
It's not 100% necessary during the first few days, or week or two, but you might as well, it won't do any harm. It will skim very little (if at all) as there is no bioload in the tank, unless you put in a lot of uncured live rock, the skimmer will need a few days to run in anyway. I would fire it up, get used to how it works, how to fine tune it, plus it will cause your water level to drop as it fills up.
okay will do thank you. very exciting times i must say. will start my own thread when i have more to show. thanx again for the info.
You've already got loads to show, we love photo's of everything, even empty glass boxes. :) Best of luck to you, take it slow and you'll enjoy it so much more.
You should probably not run the skimmer during the first cycle - there should not be any solid waste available for the skimmer to remove at this time. You actually need the nitrate level to peak, and then reduce naturally - thus completing the cycle. Once you add livestock, skim away. My 2c worth, others may disagree. I also agree with one of the other posts on here that cycling without lights is better - reduces algae blooms getting out of control early on in a tanks life.
hi Viper, i already have a marine tank 1.5m. new tank is 2m, the old tank running with a external filter aswel for 18 months. I want to know if i can move all my live stock to the knew tank, and run the external filter on knew tank till the sump is mature. would like some advice on this one. thanks
Hi do u need live rock to do the cycle? I only have live sand in and waiting
for my rock? My tank has been running for 7day.
You can use liverock yes, and you can also add something like Microbelift Special Blend to help get the bacteria colonies going. Cycling is all about getting beneficial bacteria colonies in the tank
Ok my tank has been running a couple of weeks now and the brown algea is all over my fine sand substrate is this somting to worry? or is there somthing i can do to get it les?
Ok my tank has been running a couple of weeks now and the brown algea is all over my fine sand substrate is this somting to worry? or is there somthing i can do to get it les?

Normal part of the cycle. Its probabaly just a diatom bloom. It can look really bad when your tank is new, but will subside as your tank cycles. Its not uncommon for young tanks to have periodic diatom blooms for the 1st year or so. keep checking your paramaters ammonia, nitrite and nitrate to get an indication of how far your cycle has gone.
so far i have not set any thing up i am in the process of buyin all my equipment im looking to set it up just after xmas, so far i have a eheim 2213 filter , aqua one g220 skimmer , my 60 gallon tank an stand,an a refractometer also 7kg of red sea coral pro salt , ive been told many different ways in witch i need to set up my tank by 2 different shops to be honest im confused, how many filters do i need with what media
Awesome post thanks.

I stil have this:
A couple of weeks further in and you may start getting the dreaded green hair algae creeping in, this is also normal in some tanks, wait for it to get quite long and then pull it out, you may have to do this for a couple of weeks but it will eventually go away. You can reduce your lighting hours to only 2 or 3 hours a day to help stunt the growth of this algae, but you will win the battle.

It has been a long while and it seems it might be related to phosphate leeching from crappy Bio rock...

Another thing I started to do was put a few rocks at a time (wanted to use the word "cycle" but that would cause a lot of confusion) in my sump without lighting... It seems to work really well as the algae dies off within a week or so, the I change it with a few others... The problem is I don't know if the zoas and xenia will survive this if I put the rocks where they are attached down there without light for a week...

Anyone know how long the softies will survive without lights? And if I can do this?
Anyone tell me if these critters are ok in a tank?

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