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    At Reef builders we are huge fans of azoox reef aquariums because they are unique and quite simply they’re just hot. This neat little Japanese 170L (45 US gallons) tank is no exception. The huge variety of Tubastrea, Dendrophilia and Balanophyllia along with the abundance of Rizho’s and some miscellaneous softies makes any avid reefer drool and the different shades of colors and textures make this reef really stand out. Keep reading for more details along with a lot more pictures.

    As we mentioned before, the tank is 170L and measures 60 x 45 x 45cm (25 x 18 x 18 in.). The tank is lit by a 110w MAXSPECT II and flow is provided by two Vortech MP10′s. The corals are fed three times a week with shrimp along with a mixture of Fauna Marin Ultra Pac and rotifers. Just like with any other azoox tank, heavy filtration is needed to keep nutrients in check, thus filtration is provided by an Aqua Excel AE mini cone skimmer and 350ml biopellets along with weekly 70L (18 gallon) water changes. For more info on the setup be sure to check out Marcy’s blog


    NON-PHO-TK10-04-Copy.jpg NON-PHO-TK04-03-Copy.jpg

    NON-PHO-TK04-02-Copy.jpg Yellow Sun Coral (Tubastrea sp.)

    NANYOU_B_J02-Copy.jpg Black sun coral (Tubastrea micrantha)

    5929183547_fc64ba5ccb_b-Copy.jpg Balanophyllia sp.

    5929186277_a8522d33c4_b-Copy.jpg Nephthyigorgia sp.

    5929743922_4a1cbdcb75_b-Copy.jpg Nephtyigorgia sp.

    5929477312_7689c53e48_b-Copy.jpg Spawning Rhizotrochus typus

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    Absalutely stunning. Awesome comes to mind too.Would love to be able to incorparate something like this with a normal reef, but think it would be impossible wrt different lighting conditions and nutrient export

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