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    The Marco Air Pump Model B2 twin cylinder aquarium pump is the latest cutting edge aquarium pump being manufactured by J.B. Maris, Co. of Bloomfield, New Jersey. The twin cylinder and quiet operation compared to other pumps currently on the market will make the Marco B2 the envy of every household aquarist. With over 125 RPM and pushing 0.35 CFM sipping an efficient 50W, the Marco B2 has enough power to drive the latest filtering technology including the underneath substrate filtration system and wood-block driven self-contained foam fractitioning cylinders.

    Maris used a “wobbler” type cylinders and valves in this design similar to those used in the latest steam engines. The Marco B2 disc has a diameter of 5 in. with a footprint of 5 x 6 in. Maris filed the patent for this design late last year and expects production and availability to start sometime in mid-1935 and should cost $1.17 This unique product has all the earmarks to be one of Reef Builders’ “Best Products of 1935″ at year’s end. Thanks to Clarence for this valuable information.
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