RSS Manonichthys scintilla is a beautiful new dottyback from Apo Reef, Philippines

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    Manonichthys-scintilla1.pngAlthough the calendar year may be nearly over we’ve still got some new species of fish being described and written about from the other side of the world. We’ve been graced by many new dottyback species, most of them Pseudochromis but the sailfin dottybacks of the genus Manonichthys*gettting one more camarade before year’s end.

    Manonichthys scintilla*is a new species of sailfin dottyback described from specimens collected around Apo Reef in the northern reaches of the Philippines. M. scintilla seems to be the near-spittin’ image of the closely related Manonichthys winterbottomi which is distinguished by the presence of more red coloration on the outer tip of the pelvic fins. Both Manonichthys scintilla and Pseudochromis fuligifinis*are described in the December 2011 issue of Zootaxa.

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