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    The Mame tank-saver platform is an incredible new device from the company which has brought us a host of other inventive aquarium devices. The MAME Nano Skimmer, all-glass Mame Overflow and Mame LED are all groundbreaking products but a platform for small to medium sized aquariums truly takes the cake.

    Made up of what appears to be two platforms, an array of ball bearings allows the two platforms to slide past each other in the X and Y dimensions. The effect of the Mame tank-saver platform is clear to see in this earthquake simulation where nearly all the vibration is dampened to the point where the entire tank*and the cabinet barely slosh a bit.

    According to MAME the seismic isolation of the Mame Tank Saver can handle up to 250 Kilograms or 550 pounds which is enough capacity for 65 gallons of water. However, the Mame Tank Saver is suitable for tanks up to 50cm (20in) square in the base, which means that with a cabinet, water and rock you’re looking at some earthquake insurance for up to a 30 gallon fully loaded reef tank.

    Since the disastrous Fukushima earthquake which struck Japan over two years ago there’s been some innovation in earthquake proofing aquarium gear. The first we saw was the Ecosmart controller cover by LSS Laboratory but Mame’s Tank Saver platform is a truly innovative product which could see some real world use in Japan and California where earthquakes are common.

    We don’t know how much the Mame Tank Saver will sell for but it is expected to become available in July of this summer. [MAME]
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