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    Mame Nitoro Marine bacteria is the latest addition to Japanese product manufacturer product line. The Mame Nitoro Marine bacteria solution contains the all familiar Nitrosomas and Nitrobacter bacteria, much like most other bacteria solutions on the market. What is interesting and different about the Mame bacteria however is it’s special jelly, which keeps the bacteria alive and nourished much longer.*We don’t pretend to understand exactly how it works, but it appears the Jelly acts both as a nourishment feeding the bacteria and *as a way to suspend bacteria movement (or slow it down anyways). We assume that the decreased movement probably accounts for some of the longevity.

    The Mame Nitoro Marine bacteria comes in a 200ml squirt bottle that releases 1ml per squirt. So anytime you want to dose your system, just press down the handle. No need to unscrew caps, measure any volume, or to get your hands dirty. Definitely a nice touch if you are someone who wants to manually dose the bacteria. The Mame Bacteria currently retails for around 3,500 yen (around $45) in Japan, with no word yet on availability or pricing in the US. 45 dollars might seem pricey for 200ml, but keep in mind that the bacterial solution is extremely concentrated. A video of the bacteria can be found below.

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    [via Mame Design]
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