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    This is a guest contribution from Briana Brasch, owner/operator of Applied Reefing in Denver Colorado.*

    I have always been a fan of rimless aquariums for my nano reef systems but such tanks present a bit of a challenge: how do I include effective filtration while maintaining the clean look of the display? Bulky hang-on-back filters are eyesores, canister filters are limiting and drilling small rimless tanks is risky. Cue the Japanese manufacturer, Mame Design, and their glass overflow. The stylish hand blown glass and compact design make it one of the most elegant overflows I have ever used. After five months of use, I can also say it’s one of the most effective.

    At first glance, the Mame Nano Overflow looks complex but it’s actually quite simple. Vinyl tubing holds three main pieces together, allowing for easy cleaning and adjustments. Mame includes an adjustable strainer on the intake and a cap to silence the opening on the drain. The return has a simple addition that makes a world of difference: a venturi. The venturi built into the return keeps bubbles out of your display and can start the siphon automatically.

    Like some of you, I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this product back in 2010. It looked hard to use, hard to clean and, most of all, it looked like a flood waiting to happen. However, I have been pleasantly surprised after months of running it through the paces.

    I have yet to see this return fail to restart the siphon and I’ve repeatedly unplugged the pump during servicing. In addition, the glass tubing actually stayed remarkably clean in my system. I threw the whole thing in bleach once but a soft-bristled brush was enough to keep it looking nice in between deep cleanings.

    Lastly, this overflow is remarkably quiet at the correct flow rate. I will admit, it took me a bit of tinkering to find the sweet spot but once I did the system was nearly silent. To give you an idea, this tank is in my bedroom and I can hear the fridge in the kitchen over the noise of my tank.

    This certainly is not the piece of equipment for every tank. If you are looking for a quiet system, the Mame Overflow is limited to a modest flow rate. Like any piece of equipment, it will become unsightly and hazardous if it isn’t maintained properly.

    And of course, the price of this little contraption is not for the faint of heart. In my opinion the Mame Overflow looks great and performs even better. It has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of equipment and my twenty-five gallon coral tank would not be the same without it. [Mame Design]

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    great looking overflow

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