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    This excited Cirrhilabrus naokoae is a nuptial displaying male who is showing the peak of coloration for this species. This video produced by Kevin Kohen of LiveAquaria filmed this male Naoko’s fairy wrasse in his own display aquarium trying his best to entice the female to get her groove on near the surface. Additionally, this C. naokoae has become a serial performer opting to show the full extent of his colors at a regular time everyday for about an hour a short time before the lights go off

    Like all members of the Cirrhilabrus genus, the male Naoko’s fairy wrasse is strikingly colored and even more so when he wants to get his groove on. Some other video examples of excited male fairy wrasses we’ve shared in the past include a fiery flame wrasse in Steve Hurlock’s reef tank and an Earle’s fairy wrasse doing his jig in Jim Gryczanowski’s fun park for rare wrasses. If you’ve got a fairy wrasse or two, you were no doubt lured in by the male’s impressive daytime colors but if you can get the mood just right, there is even more to enjoy from the genus Cirrhilabrus.

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