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8 May 2007
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If you haven’t yet stumbled across the Majestic AquariumTV YouTube Channel, you are in for a treat. Paul Talbot, the owner of Majestic Aquarium in Sydney Australis is constantly updating the channel with new and interesting videos from the Aquarium store to create Majestic AquariumTV, a one stop YouTube channel for everything aquarium.

The Majestic AquariumTV channel features a range of Saltwater and Freshwater aquarium inspired playlists with everything from Saltwater Fish, Corals, Water Quality, Aquarium Tips and even a 7 part Seminar by Julian Sprung. There is definitely plenty on material to keep you entertained and hopefully answer your aquarium questions.

If you can’t find what you are looking for Paul is quick to respond to guest comments, and who knows, maybe your question could inspire his next episode. But with over 4000 instructional videos you may want to take a second look as chances are he’s covered what you are looking for. We always like seeing Majectic AquariumTV pop up in our YouTube feed, and this is one channel you want to make to hit Subscribe as there is new content being added every day.

Majestic have come up with a special ReefBuilders playlist with some of their best videos to wet your whistle. We’ve added a few here but make sure to check out their YouTube channel and Subscribe!

ReefBuilders Playlist – Fish Tales Promo

Fish Tales, Tank of the Week

Building my shark tank

Thanks for 5 million views

Majestic Aquarium Mermaid

Amazing Top View of RedSea Reefer

Everything about liverock for Reef Aquarium

Majestic Aquariums Cartoon Promo
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