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Discussion in 'New Members' started by maguyver, 11 Nov 2010.

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    Hi it's good to find a place to talk and ask questions about my hobby. To start I have a 150 gallon reef tank. Been running for about 3 years. I will try to put a pic on here as soon I figure out how to do that. my initial reason I got on here was to see if anybody has tried the new full led lighting systems yet. I have a 72" ultralight setup it has 3 metal halide 250 watt 4 420nm 96 watt and 20 1watt apiece blue LEDs. are the led lighting systems better or not?
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    LED light units are better if you use cree LED's instead of the normal LED's. If you compare the PAR reading the LED unit is better. For here it is still to expensive to go LED if you compare it to MH units. I would say you must first take all the cost into considiration.

    One day I will like to change to LED's
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    thanx for the reply. I'm going to research for a while and try to find a well built one. the light I have now I replaced the halides and 2 of the 4 atinics and now the ballist that runs 2 of the halides burned up. costing me more to keep up with it than a all LED would cost.
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    On this forum there is one member running with LED's. But it is a nano.
    Check Jaco Schoeman and find his LED experiment.
    LED's explained + review - Marine Aquariums of South Africa

    But as pointed out in that thread, LED lightning is not really there yet for big and deeper tanks. Initial cost is also extremely high, while running cost, in my opinion is debateable. Having 100 3W Cree LEDs will almost use the same power as 6 T5 54W globes.

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