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8 May 2007
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The Magnum Polishing internal canister filter is an innovative new aquarium product from Marineland. After years of making external canister filters, the Magnum Polishing brings the benefits of crystal clear water using the tried and true MaxiJet powerhead.

The Magnum canister filter series is legendary for the Magnum 350, HOT Magnum 250 and many other variants which have been polishing aquarium water for decades. The HOT Magnum was our first aquarium filter back in the day, we still have it but rarely use it to polish our tanks anymore.

With the Magnum Polishing internal canister filter Marineland is reinventing what a canister can be, and hopefully making it easier to service and maintain. In addition to being a true canister filter, the Magnum Polishing is actually powered by a removable MaxiJet powerhead, so you can further dial in your flow needs using any of the four models of MaxiJets.


Like any good card-carrying canister filter the Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter covers the three basic filtration groups with chemical, mechanical and biological filtration all incorporated into a fairly tiny package. Mechanical is provided by a coarse filter sleeve and a fine pleated cartridge, there’s a chamber for refilling your own activated carbon or GFO and a high surface area is built in to the device itself.

If you think you have clear water but have never used an aquarium polishing device, you probably don’t even know how clear water can become when it’s been thoroughly filtered by a canister like this. We don’t know if the Magnum Polishing Internal Canister filter will be available with and without a MaxiJet so you can use one you already have, and pricing and availability is still currently unknown.


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