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    The Magnetic Probe Rack is a new accessory from Neptune Systems that is specially designed to take advantage of a growing suite of aquarium sensors. One of the aesthetic ways that Neptune Systems designed the Magnetic Probe Rack to stand out from other similar devices by having an incredible finish; it’s a shame that such an attractive accessory will spend its time hidden from view due to its placement in the sump.

    The functional ways the Magnetic Probe Rack is also differentiated is by having four holes for holding aquarium sensors. Temperature, pH, conductivity and ORP can all be accommodated and there is even one hole which is enlarged to accept the fat tip of the Apex temperature sensor – no more stringing this sensor wire-first through other probe holders in order to get it to fit.

    The strong magnets of the Magnetic Probe Rack can clamp this probe holder down onto sump walls up to half an inch thick. Only a small quantity of these magnetic probe racks will be available from Neptune Systems for $39.99 and widely available beginning next month.

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