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8 May 2007
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Today Kessil is announcing a very unique pair of accessories for their LED lighting products, in the form of a couple of different travel kits. We’re more often reporting on accessories for LED lights like mounting arms for keeping these permanently secured, but Kessil has very good reason for developing these travel kits for their reef aquarium LED lights.

As reef aquarium shows have become an increasingly important part of the reef aquarium hobby and lifestyle, traveling coral vendors find themselves packing and unpacking their lighting equipment, over and over again. Since their introduction to the reefing hobby, Kessil’s A150/A160 and larger A350 quickly became a favorite of busy frag swap exhibitors for their small size and great color rendition of corals.

Although Kessil lights are pretty tough, you can imagine that coral vendors have placed more care in packing their live coral frags than the lights that color them up, leading to more than a few abnormal wear and tear issues from traveling lights. This has prompted Kessil to embrace their lights’ unique role as a favorite light for coral shows and frag swaps by designing and offering two different traveling kits for Kessil’s spotlights and fixtures.

Both traveling kits are contained within a hard-shelled Pelican-style enclosure which is lined with high impact foam, precut for one of two configurations. The AP700 traveling kit is made to hold two AP700 light fixtures, four mounting arms, and special place for the power supplies and a tablet of your choice.

Meanwhile the A160/A360 traveling kit can hold up to eight spotlights of either models, eight gooseneck mounts, a spectral controller and all the associated power supplies and wiring. Each of the Kessil Travel Kits costs $300 but don’t be fooled into thinking that it comes with anything but hard case and foam liners, you gotta bring your own LED lights.

Also, we’ve recently learned that the Kessil AP700 was actually designed with secondary add-on lenses and diffusers. This feature was originally kept under wraps because Kessil was uncertain when and if they would actually release these magnetic lenses, but we should be able to get our first good look at them at ReefAPalooza Orlando this weekend so stay tuned.

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