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8 May 2007
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When we first saw that Ecoxotic was coming out with some new colors for the popular Stunner LED strips, we were very stoked about the magenta pink, but didn’t pay too much attention to the new shade of royal blue. After all, the original blue stunner has an emission peak of 453nm and the new royal blue Stunner LED has an emission peak of 445nm, an emission peak difference of less than 10nm couldn’t be that different could it?

The new Ecox0tic Stunner LED colors are really, really nice. We were skeptical about how the royal blue Stunner would look but it is possibly the richest royal blue strip we’ve seen short of the Cree XP royal blue. The Royal Blue Stunner pictured above on its own is a really rich purple-blue color which is very distinct from the original blue Stunner and from every other “royal blue” LED we’ve seen come to market. As expected the Magenta pink Stunenr LED brings out a lot of rosy colors and it accentuates reds and purples really nicely.

Naturally the best of both worlds is the Magenta + Royal Blue Stunner LED. This combination pictured below is a stand-alone color strip and the magenta and royal blues are in a good ratio with each other. If you’re looking for a single strip to highlight a range of coral colors on a small to medium sized tank then the Magenta Royal Blue is your ticket but if you want to really bring it, one magenta and one royal blue stunner the length of your tank ought to bring out a ton of new colors and shades that high output LEDs and standard lighting may be missing.

Magenta color of the Ecoxotic Stunner LED

Magenta and Royal Blue color of the Ecoxotic Stunner LED

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21 Mar 2010
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if only we had stuff like this here that didnt cost an arm and a nut
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