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    The Madness ZERO LED is a prototype aquarium light packing*40 Cree XP-E LEDs with a manual two-channel controller that can push out around 100W of power. There are plenty of one-off LED vendors but we are always interested in seeing people advance beyond the typical box lights we’ve seen. The Madness ZERO LED is off to a good start and we’re hoping it keeps evolving. Passively cooled with enough power and spread for most reefing applications.

    With this being a prototype fixure, the ZERO LED looks like’s it is built with some beefy looking suspension hooks on each end ready for cable suspension but we’re unsure if it also comes with an option leg mounting system. The analog dimming controller is a nice start, but to compete with other light fixtures, some sort of digital control integration will be needed to be able to tap into a full dawn-to-dusk light scheme. Since these images are from the prototype, expect the final production model to be cleaned up a bit more including button heads on the screws on the end cap.

    These lights will debut with an ***P of around $400 and should be available from The Coral Nut and from the Madness LED website when it launches.







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